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Amazon FBA Supplies - What you need to run your Amazon Seller Business

Amazon Seller FBA Shipping Supplies: How to Create Positive Customer Experiences


If you’re ready to start doing business as an Amazon seller, the journey toward a successful sale doesn’t end when someone buys your item. It is complete when the customer receives the product, is satisfied with their purchase, and hopefully leaves a 5-star review.


An essential part of the transaction involves the shipping supplies used to protect a customer’s purchase. Even when you choose the FBA process for your business, your packing and shipping to the fulfillment center require some attention to detail.


Certain supplies are a must. You also want to avoid purchasing items that you don’t really need to ensure your items arrive safely.


What Are the Must-Have Items for FBA Shipping Supplies?


Amazon won’t accept loose products. That includes multi-volume book sets. The FBA requirement is that everything must be contained with a single and secure package, which is why these must-have items are worth investing in as a seller.


1. Corrugated Boxes

When you have a selection of different corrugated boxes for your shipping items, it’s much easier to ensure they get shipped to Amazon safely. The best options are the containers that fit the exact size and shape of the product. By reducing the empty space, you’re not paying for extra supplies or to ship air to the warehouse.


Custom corrugated boxes aren’t always practical as an investment, especially if you’re a new Amazon seller. That’s why it helps to work with an FBA shipping supplies provider that offers numerous styles and sizes for your convenience.


Amazon might require “over-boxing” when safety concerns are present with shipping and handling charges. This technique involves placing a packaged or prepared item in a box for extra protection even when it’s already in another container. If the item weighs more than ten pounds, you’ll want to use a double-wall corrugated box.


The following items are currently listed by Amazon as needing over-boxing when following the FBA process.


Sharp products with a high risk of puncturing the packaging materials.
Fragile items that do not pass the three-foot drop test when following the recommendations for using bubble wrap.
Hazardous liquids found in 4.2-ounce or greater glass containers.


Over-boxing is also required for FBA sellers who list vinyl records.


Whether you need standard cube-style boxes or something uniquely shaped, try to purchase in bulk for your corrugated boxes whenever possible. It’ll lower your per-item costs.


2. Bubble Wrap

When you pack items in your Amazon seller shipping supplies, the goal is to have each product arrive safely. There are some restrictions to consider when using this item, so you’ll need to make sure the package meets the following criteria.


The item should be tightly wrapped and taped shut so that the product doesn’t fall out when handled.
There should be a scannable barcode on the outside of it.
Once packaged, it should pass a three-foot drop test on a hard surface. The testing should include on a corner, flat on the shortest and longest sides, and flat at the base and the top.


Bubble wrap could be required because your product is fragile or easily damaged during the shipping process. If you have an expiration-dated item, this information must be clearly labeled.


Several types are available to use today when protecting your inventory. If you have an unusual or a high-value product to ship, it’s often worth the cost of having a high-grade bubble wrap. It’s sometimes referred to as “strong grade,” and it supports items that have significant risks of breaking.


Most items are suitably protected with general bubble wrap products. It’s a multipurpose shipping protector made with medium-weight plastic.


Three other types may be suitable for FBA shipments.


FDA-Grade Bubble Wrap:

This option is for foods that require protection from vibration or movement while in transit. You’ll find it used for items like fresh produce or chocolate.

Temperature-Controlled (Thermal) Bubble Wrap:

A special kind of cellular insulation serves as the foundation of this bubble wrap. It protects the temperature of what gets shipped from drastic or extreme changes.

If you ship electronic items as part of the FBA process, this option might be worth an investment. It’s available in any grade and works for TVs, computers, smartphones, and more.


Bubble wrap offers several different size options. The bigger bubbles are fun to pop, but that feature also makes them ideal for additional padding and protection.


Smaller bubbles work better to prevent scratches and scrapes at the expense of providing less protection for impacts and shocks.


3. Poly Bags

Depending on the product you sell on Amazon, it might be necessary to invest in some poly bags to keep your items safe. These FBA shipping supplies come in several different sizes, styles, and strength ratings.


All poly bags sent to Amazon as part of the FBA process must be at least one-thousandth of an inch thick. It should also be transparent, come with a barcode or X00-label, and be completely sealed.


Amazon also requires that the poly bag (or shrink wrapping) not protrude more than three inches beyond the product’s dimensions. Every item in this category must have a suffocation warning placed on it. If you miss that step, it can lead to them being re-bagged.


The print size of the warning must conform to the following standards when using Amazon seller FBA shipping.


Bag size of under 29 inches:

The minimum print size for the warning label should be a 10-point font.

Bag size of 30-39 inches:

A 14-point font is necessary as the minimum print size for these poly bags.

Bag size of 40-59 inches:

With this option, a 18-point font is necessary.

Bag size of 60 inches or more:

You need to use a 24-point minimum font to fulfill the FBA standards with this size.


An additional requirement for poly bags is that certain products must be packaged using a dark opaque product. Anything with strong odors must be bagged or sealed to prevent the scent from permeating into other items.


4. Tape

When shipping items to Amazon, some products could need extra tape beyond what is necessary for sealing boxes or poly bags.


Outside of securing bubble wrap around an item, high-quality tape is necessary when things might fall out of its packaging. Anything that could leak or not be entirely sealed in its container would also need this extra step.


That’s on top of everything else that you’ll need to secure. It’s often helpful to invest in a tape dispenser or holder to process packages faster.


5. Stretch Film

Some products sold on Amazon require wrapping, especially when they’re listed as a set. Using stretch film for the FBA shipping process makes it easy to meet Amazon’s standards.


The most common reason why stretch film or wrap is necessary involves shipping pallets to Amazon. When you use this product with a notification that says not to break it down, the items have a better chance to arrive safely.


Don’t use opaque or black stretch wrap unless you sell products that require that FBA shipping alternative. There is a risk that the items could be rejected at your expense.


Since the stretch film must manage a potentially rigorous shipping and handling process, you’ll want to select a high-quality product to support your merchandise. Here are some of the considerations to review.


Most stretch film is measured in microns or “mils.” That means a higher gauge translates to a thicker and more durable product.
The pre-stretch limit is how much the film can get pulled between two rollers that turn at different speeds.
Secondary stretch characteristics measure the tension levels placed between you and the roll or machine.


A final issue to consider when securing this Amazon seller FBA shipping supply is the force-to-load rating. This measurement shows you how far the product stretches and how it snaps back, letting you see how well it holds together.


Although stretch films with higher ratings often cost more, they typically save you money on your overall shipping expenses.


6. Inflatable Air Pillows

If you must use a pre-made box to ship your FBA products, there could be lots of empty space to fill. Instead of allowing your products to rattle around in the container while getting sent to Amazon, you have the option to use inflatable air pillows.


Air pillows deliver excellent protection of virtually anything. They’re more environmentally friendly than alternative void fills while potentially reducing cost or storage space for your FBA shipping supplies.


The typical air pillow shipping product is made from thin plastic film. It’s a recyclable product, but it isn’t biodegradable.


Most neighborhood pickup programs do not support this product, which causes them to end up in the trash. You can encourage people to drop off the unwanted materials at a plastic film recycling center.


Some products are made with biodegradable materials, allowing for multiple uses. A few are even safe to add to standard composting mixtures, although it can take up to two years for the process to complete.


Each roll of air pillows contains perforations between each one to make them easy to tear apart to fill voids. You’ll reduce material waste, avoid unnecessary messes, and reduce the risk of static electricity development within the package.


7. Labels

Labels are an essential FBA shipping supply because they contain the information needed to process your package appropriately.


The FBA barcode labels help products be identified quickly while associating them to you as the Amazon seller. It’s what makes it possible to get credit for each sale.


Everything that gets sent to a fulfillment center must have a barcode label. Three types are used to track items today.


Manufacturer barcodes, such as ISBN, JAN, EAN, or UPC.
Amazon barcodes like FNSKU.
Brand owner barcodes, with some items requiring an additional transparency authenticity code to prevent counterfeiting.


If you print the barcode labels, you must include white space around the dark lines and text of at least 1/4-inch on the sides and 1/8-inch for the top and bottom. It must also contain the product name, SKU or ASIN, and the item condition.


Amazon barcodes must be on a matte white removable label and printed with black ink. The recommended size is 1-inch by 2-5/8 inches to ensure it works with a thermal or laser printer.


It’s a good idea to test your labels occasionally to ensure they scan correctly. This process reduces the risk of having items rejected.


You might also need “sold as a set” or “ready to ship” labels for some items. If you want to ensure your products aren’t altered, a “Do Not Open” one is helpful.


Once you’ve navigated those requirements, Amazon has a few more to follow to ensure your products arrive safely. That starts by printing a complete set of labels. Since each one is unique, you don’t want to photocopy them. They shouldn’t be placed on box openings or seams.


The labels must be readable and scannable. Each box must have its own FBA box ID from your queue.


If you send items on a pallet, each one requires four labels: one on the top center of each side.


Are You Ready with Your FBA Shipping Supplies?


When you select the best Amazon seller FBA shipping supplies, you can protect your inventory while enjoying the benefits of having active listings with this online marketplace.


Some sellers might want everything listed in this guide to support their efforts. Others may find that some items are essential, but others are currently a luxury.


If you’re just getting started, it helps to purchase supplies at the bare minimum you need to fulfill your shipments. As your business starts growing, you can invest in bulk to lower your per-item cost.


Amazon sellers are hopefully shipping items frequently. It might be tempting to order from multiple suppliers, but working with a single shipping and packaging vendor you trust is often more efficient. That way, all the items you need are in one location at an affordable price.


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